Georgetown Law eDiscovery – Keynote

3M Healthcare Summit 2016

The 12th Zhe Shang General Meeting and 2015 Zhe Shang [Internet+] Forum

Big Data Keynote at Universidad Sergio Arboleda

Quick Bits

Will the shift to an information-based economy change those who have power in our world?

Will “Big Data” mean the end of free will?

How to NOT FAIL at Big Data in 2 minutes or less

How do you stay relevant in a world shifting to the Digital Trinity?

How will higher education be disrupted by Big Data and the Digital Trinity?

How do you change your organization to meet the threat of “Jerks”?

Why do “Jerks” turn capital into information as quick as they can?

What does it take to make change work in your own organization?

How do you reach, hire, and retain Millennials and Generation Z?


SAAMA 2016

China 2015

Book of the Year 2015

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